Pat your back,

be on your way

today is moment rise in stay;

we have our ups,

we have our downs,

we might too frown

or even scowl;

we pick ourselves up,

we let ourselves down;

we live life to the full as we stay;

we keep ourselves busy each day;

we make mistakes,

we sigh, we rise in rising high;

we fly on life high way

as all in all,

in pulling through in all, as all we stay

the rough with smooth,

the high with low,

two steps forward,

then backward we go;

our ups and downs are fine in all,

don’t frown,

we all create a scene somehow,

sometime, some place, some way;

don’t sit around or mope today,

pat your back and face the day;

take a deep breath

and be on your way,

enjoy your day today;

take time in day to play,

to watch the clouds pass by,

they blow away; they fly,

get stuck in life today...

It’s great here by the way,

sun shines every day,

it’s clouds get in the way,

and rain...

greet the rain, get blown away,

the sun shines high each day

and always life through shines,

sun stays to heat the world,

our life display

it brightens up our day;

Blessed is life’s day,

so pat your back and smile... go on,

and then be on your way.




Flounder in the world of master

where all life goes through footsteps made,

and each in own way life though living only

Our God through life of light through gave

and to save the weary through life’s battle,

saved the hungered starving through,

saved the poor, the homeless, weary

charging power life through all

life living through receive through all life in living,

giving love in life restores, renews.


Fall down, rise up, fall down, rise again choice choose

Without a heed of hearing thunder,

voice of terror roaring through,

charging battle cry passed through, cry asunder,

placing ear shot gentleness caressing choose

hold strong in life, hold strong in view,

succumb to those of weakened voice,

hear sound allowing heartfelt, through

full, for battle cry of raw emotion lingers,

soothe in life, a balm in use,

travel on in choose, live footsteps giving view.


©2020Christine Bousell


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