He set her sway in motion

at the start of each new day

as he beamed in giving greeting

popping in each day;


He gave to her the flavour

savouring each day

and then he left without a word,

slipped away...


He came again next day.


©2020Christine Bousell



We look in the picture to see what we see,

decide what's to be,

casting our own words inheriting free

sealing a system to sift through discerning

learning adopting receiving in being what’s to be

or not to be and much ado to see

as we see being of free

our knowing of owning in loving unknown

we can’t and we can or we will as we won't

going home

in freedom of free,

where thought in might too so agree

who knows,

we look in the picture to see

and we see as we see, all the while whole in our life

love passing by

deciding in minding in finding residing beside

lapping the tide as the sun shines on high,

moon swooning through night time of glow, the tide,

the ripples of life in the high come and go

as we look in the picture to see what we see

love in our life, being free



©2020Christine Bousell




She flew away, she couldn’t stay,

they crushed her wings

restricting in their wake;

she flew to where the whole year grew

flowers to bloom bright and vibrant

whole year through;

she flew to where the roots she knew,

the river running seeps in deep,

feeding honey keeps

a welcoming in keeping loving kind entreating

always holding, loving,  Loved in true.


©2020Christine Bousell




There is no line in mind or eye

feeling defines

life in all is all as life,

mere fantasy...

ask Alice, she agrees

the rabbit hops to pop

nibbles on the  greenery

a pop in shooting takes

making stake in for the pot...

mere fantasy....

clearly seen reminds in life, an eye

to see...

and there is no line in mind or eye;

feeling defines.


©2020Christine Bousell



The bridge they built got broken yet river runs beneath

flowing as a constant for man of constant need;

the state of history passing statue of desire

the place of recognition hell fire, hell fire set designed

inflaming throughout time right from right in thinking;

which statue has more right, the bridge though still survives

in building span of time, turbulent where history fail but tries

of nations, both, where both had lives where slaves as slaves

and held in chains, a maniacal in form has paved to pay

and pay is strength survives physical or mental force,

status pays of wage both black and white, in times of life

in use creating life today and where’s the Heart, pass

bringing present time, the bridge where future time resides,

moves over on a river flowing, ever time in cleansing bleed,

the need of pure and simple through greed, feed manmade,

or was it too designing in today, it brought today, future,

a better way to pave and can, while sides ripple in the feed

pleasing, to please, blame? balanced sense feeds, receives

from bleeding feeding to feed all through that life encased

today is day, move on, receive in life the river flowing feeds,

move on.

©2020Christine Bousell



I didn’t go far, I didn’t need to,

I knew just where you’d be

You’re where you always are

You’re not hard to find at all

You drawing me, beside you

I found you were I knew you’d be

I knew you’d be there, near

beside, while we walked a while,

with looking up to see the sky,

Golden Nuggets holding tight

grey clouds drifting by, so near,

Night clouds drawing in the light

Golden Nuggets holding tight,

like you, in holding me so tight,

holding me, keeping safe being

where you said you’d always be

looking out in looking after me.


I didn’t go far, I didn’t need to,

I knew just where you’d be

You’re always where you are

beautiful the evening in to see

sharing, spending time with me

as we walk, take in what we see

take in to write, you prompting

reminding, guiding adding more,

it’s quiet out tonight and warm,

seeing the village in a quiet scene

beautiful in seeing, the shops,

though only one or two, all closed,

and getting set ready for opening,

lockdown easing, Pubs opening

changing life into new distancing

tentative life starting new, slowly,

you and me though always same.


I didn’t go far, I didn’t need to

We’re always the same, we are

and never changing, I’m here

you are, we are and always here

in our together in forever always

one beat, beating constant always

beating one beat in Our Hart.


©2020Christine Bousell



Art plays the world uniting

Each stitch as stitch in time,

A note sublime, a chorus of a chanting,

a rhythm of a rhyme;

a song so high, in singing low, chanting, chorus

orchestra in show

an act a fact in showing so

a music maker, fun fair, clown around a big top goes

and same street busker who will roam

and magical, a mystery, a mime to see,

ballet, jive, a drive in movie show,

a play to play a stage to be in open air

or venue where a pantomime so to can also be

and seen the vast variety as captivated scene

an audience is thrilled in being

part and part of life, all life in being

inclusive live and live wired shown

life in living goes on, on a global stage

a set to be in life of living all in being sees...


and dream?

There are many, many crazy things

that will keep me loving you...

They can’t take that away from me...

Well there you go...

there’s another song in singing...

we all can sing in tune, love, therein too!


©2020hristine Bousell



Can you taste the fresh salt sea air, taste being here

as life put here, day today in grace as placing day,

today in make and pace as way always

wherein a visit shows in known

owning flow, soft breezes blowing through

dreaming as are sown where life moves on in going

and goes through come and go on a sea of changing days

as days in day of making, staying being day as breaking

light through one who stays.


Can you, can you taste the day of salt sea in the air,

eons in the make, taking place in universe forsaking

non to make today as special, save in giving every way

a paving path to seek, to be, to reach each day and day 

savour to enjoy, employ as day in being only as today

Sun rises high of high awake in sky forsaking none

In rising glory through, today as day in being through,

In me, in you, and I of fresh sea air, salt taste,

being here.


©2020Christine Bousell



Up with the lark at the start of the race,

day through as placed, Life, life to face

from the dark of the moonbeam of free

and the daybreak of light giving sees

shining through might love in as right

just to be.


©2020Christine Bousell



We Move to new beginning

as each day the door has closed,

we take our place beside in time,

of living as we own;

We all are moving forward,

as forever giving back,

changes made, in making day

today is day, past backed. 


©2020Christine Bousell



Are you game?

Game for a chance to creep in the dark,

or do you ignite in the flame of the day

to follow your senses as ready for play

strutting your stuff, whilst listening out,

watching for prowlers out on the rounds

skulking about, intent, hiding to pounce

in search of a capture, striking take down

swift in own motion of lightness in speed

waiting in shadows, hiding silent to see

alert, intent of finally, end, time as spent

following taking prey out?


Are you game?

are you a lion who roars to the crowd

 roaming the plain, keeping nature a game;

beating the bush, using the cover as play;

are you game, or an act just doing the same;

I wonder, are you a man of being intent,

intent on as being the same, Big Game;

Animal instinct abounding, uniting vibrating,

Resounding, sounding owning an act of the brave

to claim, tame, mate, seeking a date,

dating your aim, hunger fill strike of the same

being mankind and as basic in game?


Are you game?

The rhythm of life pounding through,

Intent on whatever you do,

spread of the goodness flowing through you,

owning in ripe fruit your own taste to own,

growing in summer where flower shoots grow

grown from the vine, succulent taste of sublime

unblemished refreshingly, blessing designed,

pouring of goodness, the fruit of the vine;


honey wine as always as ever reviving

in infinite wisdom residing and guiding,

receiving in life by a life of divine,

the spearhead of life driving true,

being in you and of life,

and all that you do to unite


are you, are You Game in life too? 


©2020Christine Bousell



He left her that day

in the charms of his arms,

Swaying away

soft music in playing,

peeling the layers,

of wooing to stay;

warmth of his soothing

in petal soft kisses,

barely a touch to her lips,

electrical invite

in heighten enticing

to carry away

in the charms of his arms.


©2020Christine Bousell



The sun up high begins to shine,

awakes to light the sky in shining

high within our eyes,

and as I look I see

I see you rise your smile alight

alive delighting giving I receive

true beauty as you are

so beautiful, as beautiful to me;

Heart as always beats receiving,

touch within in time as keeping,

high we light to share, and rise

lighting day our eyes to shine,

in gracing through the sky,

We raise Oour Heart of Love,

we shine, we share, we care.


©2020Christine Bousell



But for caress my heart would bleed,

my strength would fail and Life as ending mine would be,

my life of failing yield;

But for caress my soul would die without the loving arms

entwining, holding always standing by;

And why?

For in the sunshine after rain

I love the silent drip of water droplets dripping down again;

I love the feel of freshness, spilling, touching to my lips

the wetness that in life revives

in drenching through a drenching time;

this heart of mine that wearing time, has always timed,

and timing not my own;

for my own heart is mine through home

and where another’s life must roam to keep it beating fully;

where always love entwines are tears which weep to seep,

to bleed to feed the hunger life, as life of loving needs;

where always, always, love must roam,

searching seeking, finding home;

and sun which rises in the sky brings day of warmth

as guiding by and through the storm clouds

rain which gave, clears refreshing through new day;

and what of love I hear you say;

and what of love I say, should we question choice as made,

does love know what loving plays;

do we ever have a say and action, word as spoken takes,

though we refrain the heart beats on,

and always will through playing song,

the love of loving owning so, a song, of life must go

own in being game of life as life goes on;

and heart beats loud and strong,

for love is always, love is strong, and always game goes on;

and through another loved as so, the song  of love to own ,

for song of love as loved through too,  surly, too must go.


©2020Christine Bousell




My response to Always ForThe First Time, poem by Andre Breton.




He dreams in real though through a veil of myth a fantasy

a myth where touch is soft and pliable to hold onto a dream,

his mask, his key unreal.


And many are the undercurrent life, through driving there,

where fragile life he seeks to be a myth of fantasy,

dimming light of height bedazzlement, his dream;


Sunlight a stare as silently in wonder imaginings finding there

and of distorting view, encased honeydew, exploring body of

a woman of his mind with view caressing in his find;


he dreamed in life through make believe, reality to see

to be caressed and fondled, holding through in seeing

without a heart in beating, loving of his mind;


life chimes, lives in perfect wholeness through,

reality of love and life in running through, dreaming through,

running through as wild and free a life a heart in pumping

thriving, driving true a heart beat thriving, soaring through.


©2020Christine Bousell




My response to A LANE OF YELLOW LED THE EYE Poem by Emily Dickenson




Sun rise in East and set in the west;

Yellow as flowing which passes all best,

Sun rise of high pleasing, timing of time

Golden as sunlight on hot summer high,

warming through warmth of our heart

Heart of the game, as always we play,

staying forever in being own way;

Over the oceans the land and the sea,

Rising we ride through the high and the low;

giving through time, a bow, as we go,

banner of peace, flying high, flowing so;

Dove sent to please in uniting, transform

Glory reforming love as adorning,

 adoring the morn as  harmony please

our sun set to needing receiving eternity;

Sun rise in east, setting in west

Love in as growing and giving its best.


©2020Christine Bousell




What gain the tempters spoil where giving gain is asking more,

what gain the gain received if begging in own wretched bleed strategy deceives;

receive the bliss eternity through gain, and gain through pain the fettled brow

the crumpled soul the humbled bow, bowing down to depth below,

farther depth in deep in knowing shown to rise above to grow,

yet in growing own the up lift face, accept the countenance of faith,

praise through faith the treasured grace to rise, Son who died in loving so,

and loved as so within as grown the Fathers only Son to own, loving grows.


What gain the tempters spoil where giving gain is asking more;

none I know, but all must go who travel so and to  be the tempter of delight

to own, in being so to right in darkness of the night, in life growing

owning right, as so where none would willingly to venture, save as in

the need to give and feed the hunger of the need in being so, through grows

and grows a vine delighting so, the soil grows within of death replenishing

the fruit which grows the sacrament divine, Holy Wine given and received

aligning time within own need of hungers feed in righting so and humbled,

blessed indeed, in Love of God as loved, love being gives and so receives.


©2020Christine Bousell




We catch on thorns to reach through briar to taste

the taste of Heart’s desire,

the fruit which grows in shelter so,

sheltered from the spoils to know, which grow,

and growing side by side,

entangle into knotted wood for growth,

and none knows, or owns,

save for the tender touch which flows the nurtured hand

and understand the garden

and the gardener who grows, and growing loving so.


©2020Christine Bousell




That kiss you gave will always with me stay

forever in my heart, indelible, that kiss you gave

that day I left, you knew, in standing being start

with you beside me always, never to depart;

That kiss you gave has been engraved on heart,

my heart and kiss you gave on day remains the same;

the love you gave, gave  my life of meaning, love

as loved and love where all in loving start to rise,

love a fire warming bright a heart, a fire once started

being feeling depth of true, never departs to leave;


Fret not you see me not as once you knew you thought

For I am true, I leave my all for all I am with you as always

And you with me in heart as where spark ignites a flame,

loving loved igniting gains, starts a Love which cannot turn,

or leave refrain in love in changes to expand, love again

expands to greater goodness, flight of life which brings,

heave the brine of tide, mere passing cleansing shines

lighting love which pulls and calls to all beneath the skies;

we do not sleep, we keep, and stay in love in fall our call;

challenge of our heart to stay beating our own way of true

always we rise to fly in soaring through the skies a dream,

we dream to see and always, we will see as dream, we see


and kiss you gave, always with me stays forever in my heart,

challenge being start, mere stepping stone, drawing nearer

and into clarity to see in azure from the depth of  deep to rise

given rise to climb with heart our flight of hope giving see,

our dream forever always, always as with One Heart dreams,

a dream as high and sky is limitless, so high, we soar, we fly.


©2020Christine Bousell




The woods are trees,

who knows can see

and always sees

between the trees;

a whim to please.


©2020Christine Bousell





We took a walk,

I hear your sound though not a sight of you could see,

although you were indeed being here with me,

as while we walked the light of day our own sweet way,

going down the old farm lane and past the track

where we your children played when we were young

and being younger, so much younger too,

barely from the babe as grown it seems, as seen today

seeing past and present through, life, which flying flew

and yet we thought we knew it all in growing as we did to do

and in those days to, being as the only way of life we knew;

and as we lived, we dreamed and made our dreams to see

to be the future we could be, make our lives to take and see,

yours as yours, ours to be, both as ours and  you and me

our lives collectively, mapped out by life, by love it seemed

to be, to see and be being through our dream, we had it all;

the warmth, the storm, the race, the pace of life, the torn,

the broken, mended, saved, forlorn, all as born aware of life;

those who too had passed on way and to their lives gave as

living, memories, making life complete in life, as life in being

through our stay, as beside in though we stay beside today,

our own way giving gave, giving, giving gave that way stability

love forever flowing guided by, in knowing, as living through,

and still today through strength,

courage, guide along the way as part present made and felt,

in touches felt, as touch of love, always through being loved.


Life the music, song of family, the joining in our company,

others joining in an open invitation through, a knock, a call,

a mention too as all through being seen as loved, as loved

and loved, in present, past of past and present always lived

being real and true, honest to, as live reality, our present day

all mucking in when need had need, ready too and able to do

as being true a family, ours, you and me part and part in too;

We took a walk,

I hear your sound, though not a sight to see of you around,

 A memory, and pleasant too in knowing  you close with me,

being here, being there in caring, sharing, guiding on my way,

you showed to me the way in knowing to, taking care in stay,

making way that I could see, what I came to see, be in finding

being here, in our special place, our time to share, our beauty

life has placed in sharing to, remembering as me and you;


and time once knew, when we would walk, talk,  meandering

the way we used to do, and you would point and tell to me

 through what we’d see, though I would see and feel as being

loved and so much more, loved in loving seeing you, knowing

so much more in knowing, as ever, always growing through,

passing on as much as you and all the while fledglings grow

high up in the trees, hopping high above in greeting, singing

shrill, a music thrill of pleasing pleasant company being near,

no fear, just being near, light of day we see gentle, peaceful

in our stay, we stay, our journey on life’s own sweet way,

while high above where nature sighs and sings magic sound

shrill in thrill high pitched rounds surround our day, all day,

high above, and in between, and even in the burrows deep,

in depth beneath the greenery, or mid way placed between

a scurrying a dell which spells to tell of dug out, comfort felt

nestled in the hedgerow hideaway, to dream away in winter

silent bleak, tucked away in debris strewn nestled balled

cocooned to hide away from bitter winds, storm life brings

until the warmer mornings call, spring has sprung again.


Life tucked away, keeping silent, keeping warm until the time

when time arrives as nature, warms in climate hailing time,

as time of day arrives as buds sprout, stay to bloom array

where sunshine hails, bringing bright a golden ray, arrayed

as is today as we both took a walk, I heard the silent sounds,

life I felt, you here, there the past without a sound at all,

and yet your message passing through you sent to hear,

in being near, heart  making day the way you always knew,

bringing bright a gold array of daffodils on woodland way,

and posies sway, show in stay all the while soft breezes play,

dipping heads or swaying gay to hail that spring has come,

winter’s day is past, is done, door once closed is open now,

warmth has come cascading sounding through once more,

winter’s over, long gone, fresh start of life has now begun

and you knew too, being here with all around, surrounding,

waiting here silently for time to see, you never ever left,

you never left at all, you leaving, left  a memory of love,

no one ever leaves, they go that’s all and without a sound,

God calls.


©2020Christine Bousell



Shrill trill the morning air, vibrant and alive,

chorus high to herald spring being very near,

and once the frost beneath is cleared

we’ll gather in our gathering, tweak aright

our nesting site, take a twig or two to tweak

place in  placing building through,

adding to renew,  refresh once more,

the frost is cleared

and morning sunshine warming rises high,

chorus high in greeting sign, song of song on high,

our life, our high,  our gathering, daybreak begins,

vibrant and alive, our morning rise.



©2020Christine Bousell




Soul through darkness raises all,

as life to be delighting seeing stars,

Night through all daylight brings,

singing rings to life a play as staging

stays as part to be, or not to be,

Love of life’s ecstatic loving being

plays in living dreams, treasures

being, being seeing grows to love

and heartbeats, beats to sweep

love through love and always will

until we're home where all night falls.


©2020Christine Bousell





Don’t help yourself to my arms, to my hands, to my wine,

I am fine,

I now stand on my own, all alone, out or home, in staying


Please don’t share in my treats, with my seat, life is sweet,

I am fine,

I am stating my case, just in case, in your haste, you need remind.


Please help you self to the space I have placed, walking safe,

Side by side

keeping space, you can dance, wave your hands,  act the fool

you are fine,

entertain all the while, as you stay, keeping space staying safe all the while;

I have eyes I can see and my mind, my ears in me are working


constantly, I can hear when you talk, I can speak, think in

thinking walk beside

and we are going to be fine...


I am telling you here in the now, as is placed, keeping safe

as spaced beside

sending love endlessly, as a friend from heart  beat, as yours

and mine

one heart beat, as we meet, our heart beat beating timing

yours and mine

in our love, our love entwines we are fired from our heart, from our start,

one heartbeat, is yours and mine...

please stay away from my heart, keep apart, we’re a part in

staying alive

keeping safe in that way, washing hands, sanitising all the


staying safe,  just  being fine.


©2020Christine Bousell



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