My dear;

When all the tides against you

and dark is night in sky

where no one thought to tell you,

don’t sigh, don’t sigh;

there’s bound to be a reason why

when dark satanic mountains rise

and rise in stretching higher too,

don’t sigh, don’t sigh;

for life proves all to true and tune,

tweak the stage in playing through,

it gives the heart a job to do;

don’t sigh, don’t sigh.


©2021Christine Bousell






I saw you passing by

catching at my eye drawing closer holding tight,

loving through the night

you held me tight

your love light burning bright,

eyes bringing in the light lasting throughout night

singing song where love in flies

drawing raising high;

love’s delight,

all lovers know as own

known through tune in growing owning love

love wooing loving true where heart is touching through;

the sky is blue lighting up the sky,

keeping  God alive burning light so bright

touching earth with live bright in loving day

playing song in own way, owning tune

touching being near touching me, touching you

loving through as always

going on our way, staying passing day loving through.


I saw you passing by

pounding out in sounding of my heartbeat giving cry,

touching in the starlight hour, loving in your eyes

catching in our heart to stay, wooing in your loving way

staying in my heart to play, swaying in sincere

world in hears singing song in tune,

skipping beat in always given day through

a heart of true in heartbeat greeting meeting

lighting furnace burning bright,

touching loving you,

and so you hold me in your arms giving in your charms,

holding me so tight, keeping in delight,

love in life delight tonight in stay

and through the darkest night in owning too

alight so bright in love tonight alive to stay

your own in way, alive.


Loving stays,

catching at my eye, and by designing giving

passing playing through, wherein, to choose

and I will always choose in always singing song along  

our tune

life alive to stay, touching me, touching you,

holding as day of days in plays giving loving sway,

and always touching through I hear your heartbeat

beating keeping loving tune

holding, touching, living through

and we just love our tune, yours and mine

keeping life alive our song,

our melody divine as I look into your eyes

the way we do

catching love alive, holding tight

our light of loving through

catching me, catching you seeing through our eyes

and my am I surprised, delighted too,

loving you, you blow my mind, blowing me away

staying every day with love we play,

just loving you.


©2021Christine Bousell




Love giggles as it wiggles and it gives a lightning spark,

holds you and enfolds you in the light, or hour in dark,

it’s blind and yet we see it, for its clear as day to be,

it cannot hide in corners as it’s stark in naked being.


Love smoulders in devouring while in drinking in the eye,

it shudders in the goose bumps or smarts the quick surprise,

it takes us on a journey and we take it to the skies

to takes us to the depths beneath without a reason why.


Love taps us on the shoulder, will wrench in quick delight,

it holds no common ground as it sound to will in bite,

 it slight the light to dither and is plain as day to see

for it makes the world in wholesomeness, pure reality.


Love grows a flower blooming, scented fragile as the dawn

thorns to hook and rise in world where need of feed is found

it flourishes in morning, catching in design, as morning rise,

Glory of the morning bidding all in love into surprise delight.


Love parks a car in lay-by or it hides in hidden trees,

it wrenches at the heartstrings or a harp of drink receives,

 Love cannot even falter for its plain as day to be and see

that the hesitant are grounded by time it takes to breath.


Love sings a song in morning while it sings a song shine song,

its rhythm is the music rhyming song beat loves with drum

Love always is in fashion and its choice is never wrong in song

 with the choice on offer into change a mind beside belongs


Love paves the road in making where adventure starts to sing

brings in the age of love to ring bringing in completing history

always while in pulling wooing crowd keeps drumming song

Love gives and takes in seconds while this old world turns on.


Love stays around in keeping as a burning heart’s desire

it darts through art to follow as it smacks in wild surprise

and it’s blind in lovers meeting, greeting taking by design

Love though, in shallow opens closing drifting off disguise.


Love gifts an open story as the book of life is free

and blank are many pages filling in a lifetime setting free,

it smudges and there’s stardust and surprises there for sure

a thunder bolt through lightning striking taking to the core.


Love never will be over for its raises plain as day to see

rising in the morning, tucking in to be, enjoying living free

for pleasure holds the story with love whole variety we see

it gives and takes receipt unbounded, lusting every energy,

 smooth in drinking coffee with a night time cap of dreams.


Love frolics in the meadow, reaps to romp away in hay

it boils in the summer heat when air condition fails

it cuddles up in wintertime in keeping body warm

gives all delight in autumn as love reaps to own reward.


Love started on these pages and is far more into bed to see

But I’m hungry and my dinner waits upon a plate for me!

I’m patient while I’m writing, but, I love my tummy too

and a dinner that’s on offer is my favourite well cooked stew.


©2021Christine Bousell




Age holds no barren land;

It holds to life in life’s own plan,

the spirit need in feed, life,

where love entwining giving hi

gives own in reason why

and giving calls draws life and pulls

and gives no why or why for all

in life’s own plan.


Ages holds no barren land;

love expands

love gives and give a giant rubber band

where life into expands

for life is love,  it finds

and time in flights to height of love,

finds no right or wrong in all

all age is all.


Age holds no barren land;

Age flights to sight designing giving right,

and reason right is sight insights;

life is life,

it has no reason why or why for all,

life times, gives rhyme and dance in calls

to pull in sight a light unfailing ever calls

and age is but a number

it’s always right in heart of life, where life we find

the winner, Heart Love, giving all.


©2020Christine Bousell





Flounder in the world of master

where all life goes through footsteps made,

and each in own way life though living only

Our God through life of light through gave

and to save the weary through life’s battle,

saved the hungered starving through,

saved the poor, the homeless, weary

charging power life through all

life living through receive through all life in living,

giving love in life restores, renews.


Fall down, rise up, fall down, rise again choice choose

Without a heed of hearing thunder,

voice of terror roaring through,

charging battle cry passed through, cry asunder,

placing ear shot gentleness caressing choose

hold strong in life, hold strong in view,

succumb to those of weakened voice,

hear sound allowing heartfelt, through

full, for battle cry of raw emotion lingers,

soothe in life, a balm in use,

travel on in choose, live footsteps giving view.


©2020Christine Bousell